Create Order

First navigate to the Orders tab and select the Receive tab:


Click New Order.


Fill in the orders location in the Invoice Number or Reference section and the Purchase reference.


Select the supplier from the Supplier or Sender drop down menu. image

Click New Purchase this will create a new purchase order on the Receive page.


Add Items to Order

Click on the newly created purchase order, this will take you to the Order Management screen.

Select the item or using the search bar enter the item that has been purchased to find it quickly.

Double check the items description, then click the item. This will make the items tick turn green and a green arrow appear hat the bottom of the screen.

Seach for each item in the order and select them. Once all items have been selected press the green arrow box. This will create a popup to input the quantities of each item selected.

Fill in the quantities for each item and press the save button this will close the window and add the items into the Items for Order section.

Pressing the Red button on an item will remove it from the order. If new orders need to be added press the Clear selection button before adding anything.

Now press the back arrow to return to the Receive page.